1. What Payments do you accept?

I accept cash, check, PayPal, and credit cards

2. When can I expect to receive my knife?

As all of the custom line knives are made to order it can take a few months before your knife is complete. I am active duty military and those duties are priority. It also depends on the amount of orders before yours. In general it will take 3-6 months. I will contact you when it is near completion and I will ship it as soon as your payment clears.

3. How do I sharpen the knife?

I convex grind all the edges. This gives the edge strength and cutting performance. There are a couple of options you have: you can do it yourself, there are many videos on YouTube, just search for “convex edge sharpening” or you can send it back to me and I will do it. I only ask you cover shipping.

4. What kind of warranty do you have?

I fully cover my workmanship and materials. If there ever is a problem with a knife contact me. If you are using a hunter/skinner for a pry bar you are abusing it. However, the tactical knives are made to be abused to a point. I have seriously abused my knives made from 3V and have had no problems. But if you need a pry bar please get a pry bar. No matter the issue or problem contact me and we will work it out.
My knives are all made by hand and therefore each will be slightly different no matter how close they may be.

5. How do I care for my knife?

Most importantly-DO NOT STORE YOUR KNIFE IN THE SHEATH! You may get away with it here and there but it will hold in moisture and cause even stainless steel to rust. Care for your knife as it were a nice firearm. Keep a light coat of oil or wax (wax is preferred as it doesn’t collect dirt) on the steel and if it has a wood handle gun stock wax works well.

6. What will it cost?

Each knife has a starting price, this covers the most basic materials. As your knife is custom certain materials added to it will cost more. I do offer 10% military and Law/fire/para discounts.

7. Do you offer coatings or different finishes?

I don’t offer coatings, but I do offer different finishes. Your knife can be a natural, polished, bead blasted, or on some steels an acid etch. The acid etch on CPM3V offers a nice subdued dark finish. If you want a bead blast finish keep in mind there will be additional maintenance on your part. Even on stainless steel a bead blat finish will give corrosion a place to hold on to and accelerate. I personally do not like it for the upkeep side, I like a more maintenance free life.