When I started making and selling knives it was to friends who quickly realized the materials I was using were vastly superior to the commercial knives they previously owned. I started making my tactical series and hunting knives. I started to get requests for other styles, and experimenting with my own. After several years my knives have been used all over the world, from the battle fields and safari's to all over North America.

Tactical Series:
I generally offer these in 4.5, 5.5 and 7.5 inch lengths. However, I can make it any length. For extreme duty I like to use CPM 3V steel and if you prefer stainless I would suggest CPM S35VN. Top choices for handle materials are Micarta or TeroTuf.

The Tactical series is also available in a full tang configuration.
This is a great knife that is made from great steel. You will be in the field and no matter the size or number of game you do not need to worry about your knife needing to be sharpened. Steel of choice for these is CPM 154. I love the look of stabilized wood, but Micarta is very durable.
The Angry Ginger:
This was a collaboration with a friend, we had a vision of a Kukri inspired knife that wasn’t too big to carry around. Once we drew it up I had to research what steel I wanted to use. I came across CPM 3V and on paper it looked great. It has excellent toughness, hardness, and wear. After building the knife and running through all kinds of tests that knives wouldn’t normally do, I have a new favorite steel. The test knife went through ¼ inch steel cable, ammo cans, car doors and even Hesco barriers along with a tons of wood chopping. All that brutal testing and no damage to the edge.

Orion's Scalpel
Another great hunting/skinning knife. I designed this knife as an affordable alternative to the hidden tang Hunter. Made from the same materials, but has a construction that is much less labor intensive. Preferred steels CPM154 or S35VN.

This a great all around field knife. I prefer this knife to made from the ultimate steel, CPM 3V.

Designed for and with input from a top tier special operations team. Preferred steel CPM 3V.
Designed for and with input from a top tier special operations team. Preferred steel CPM 3V.
Kitchen and fillet knives
Preferred steels CPM154 and S35VN
Woodsman’s Hawk:
Generally these were made upon request, some are large and not your normal knife.
Wedding Set:
Woodsman’s Hawk: