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Price : $350.00

The hunter and skinner model features a blade made of CPM 154CM steel heat treated and cryogenically treated. The handle is shaped that gives the user great flexibility in the use during the dressing of large game. Handle options are everything from canvas phenolic to exotic woods. When choosing a wood handle keep in mind it is not as durable and needs some care. Think of a wood handle as you would a nice gun stock, as they are finished in the same manner. Another option is stabilized wood. It is more durable and does not absorb liquids. You can choose mosaic pins or tubing for the pin material. The mosaic pins give a nice level of detail to your knife, while the tubing gives an option to tie the handle to something. 

Delivery time on handmade knives

When you order your handmade knife, it is made by me in my shop. I must cut, profile, heat treat, grind, add handles and make the sheath. All this takes time. I am still an active duty Service Member and therefore duty may take priority over the knife. In these cases, I will let you know if it will cause a delay. There are times that I will have certain models profiled and heat treated in advance as they are more popular. These I can deliver rather fast. In general plan on 8 to 12 weeks before the knife is delivered.