Pro Lube
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Pro Lube synthetic gun oil uses well known lubrication chemistry to be specifically formulated for use in all firearms but especially for full and semi-auto firearms with direct impingement gas systems. This oil contains a high amount of proprietary additives to suspend carbon particles preventing deposits and aid in cleaning. It offers low volatility (burn-off) and heat resistance, yet excels in extreme low temperatures. The oil contains unique additives that are anti-wear, extreme pressure (AW/EP), anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion. This ensures the highest lubricity and fights acids whether from your finger prints or the combustion process. This oil is designed specifically to reduce the wear on the gas rings for longer life in high volume firearms. Apply Pro Lube to all friction points, gas rings, bore and any exposed metal.


· Developed for gas impingement firearms, great in all firearms.

· Temperature range of -40°F to 460°F. 

· Suspends carbon in the oil.

· High viscosity keeps oil in place.

· Built in precision applicator.

· Works well for other uses, such as reloading rams.

· Developed by champion shooters and oil engineers.