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The Original Stinger

If you are looking for a truly unique instrument that will last you and your heirs several lifetimes, read on. If however, you are looking for a cheap, snazzy, cheesy, made for Hollywood mass-produced piece of junk stop reading right now and move on.  If you own one and other's see it, they will want one too.

Form meets function meets art meets giving.

Conceptualized and designed by a SOF operator and crafted by Dan Peters for an operational requirement that became dual purpose. The Stinger looks like a normal key chain bottle opener, but has useful alternative functions.  Not only will you have a bottle opener always on hand, but with the Stinger you will also have a precision tool in hand...for life.

Simple, stylish and unique this beauty is made from CPM S35VN steel (hardness between Rockwell RC 58.5 and 60). The Stinger was CNC (Computer Numeric Control) cut, hand ground and bead blasted for a matte finish.  It’s retention housed in a handmade premium leather sheath.  All 100% Made in the USA.

The overall length of the sheath and blade is 4 3/4 inches; with the Stinger measuring 4 inches and the blade at 1 7/8 inches. Maximum width (at bottle opener) is 1 1/2 inches. The width of the sheath is 1 inch and the max width of the blade at the ricasso is 5/8 of an inch.

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