The Angry Ginger
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Price : $550.00
This knife is the ultimate camping, utility, survival, or tactical knife. The first one was tested in Afghanistan and was purposely abused on items that no knife has any business to be used on. The tested knife was used to chop and split all types of wood, this quickly became obvious that wood was no challenge. So I decided to chop several pieces of 1/4 inch steel cable. The Angry Ginger had no problem, and upon inspection the edge was only dulled with no damage. Next, we went to ammo cans. We stabbed them and chopped them and the same result.  We were able to stab COMPLETELY through the can and hit the concrete pad and did not phase the blade. I was also able to chop through the wire grate of a HESCO barrier. Further, I tested it on a car door. I stabbed into it and pulled it causing about a 1 foot gash in the door. The bottom line is this knife will handle any abuse you send it's way. 

Delivery time on handmade knives

When you order your handmade knife, it is made by me in my shop. I must cut, profile, heat treat, grind, add handles and make the sheath. All this takes time. I am still an active duty Service Member and therefore duty may take priority over the knife. In these cases, I will let you know if it will cause a delay. There are times that I will have certain models profiled and heat treated in advance as they are more popular. These I can deliver rather fast. In general plan on 8 to 12 weeks before the knife is delivered.